We established our Service in order to be able to help professionaly on sudden breakdowns. Furthermore we offer the maintenance, the overhaul and the renovation of the given engine.Our work is effective thanks to the well-skilled technicians, the professional help and the register of the parts provided by BALCANCAR RECORD.

The professional level is improved by the regular training of the BALCANCAR RECORD therefore any of the technical problem can be solved with efficiency and short deadline.

Generally we provide the required parts from our warehouse but we can easily fulfill the uniqe demands with short deadline. Also the customer can provide the part from his/her central warehouse if he/she would like to.

We usually accomplish the obilgatory maintenances and the smaller corrections on our partners’ premises. The on-the-spot reparations are fulfilled by well-skilled and qualified mechanics equipped with service cars that contains manifactured BALCANCAR parts, materials and tools that are needed to the maintenance and to the reparation.

We do the medium and the big reparations in our warehouse in Baracska. Furthermore we have the suitable tools in order to repair and renovate main units and main parts as well. We also undertake in our warehouse engine tests after renovations and bigger reparations.

On our central premise in Baracska we constructed a battery examination room where we commission the forklift accumulators and we complete their’s reparation and regeneration.

In case of a stoppage of an engine as far as possible we immediately start the reparation, in other cases we generally start to avert the mistakes in 24 hours.

Our service usually operates from Monday to Friday, but in personalized cases and by determined conditions we are willing to welcome our partners on weekends as well.